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Accounting Services

Service 1

Cloud Accounting

This convenient 24/7 access will empower you to make the quick decisions that you need to in order to keep your business moving forward.

Service 2

Online Payroll

Online payroll applications have turned this once frustrating and time-consuming task into a quick check off your day’s to-do list.

Service 3

Tax Preparation

We'll eliminate the frustration and worry that can come with filing your taxes by accurately preparing your business returns.

Online Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Today small business owners are online and on the move. No one has time to be chained to a desktop computer to do their accounting and bookkeeping. Those with the entrepreneurial spirit need to see where their business stands financially at a glance. Online accounting services from Taxevo CPA's offer you the freedom to access real-time financial data from anywhere so you can keep your business humming.

We offer a specialized suite of cloud accounting, online bookkeeping, and online payroll applications that are the perfect solution for busy startups and entrepreneurs. The customized app ecosystem we create for your business will allow you to spend less time managing your books and more time doing what you love. Need some face time with a real life CPA? No problem. Your package of online accounting services will be combined with access to the real-world experience of a New York, NY CPA to help your business become the best it can be. Whether its by phone, an online meeting, or an in-app chat, we’ll deliver unlimited friendly human advice and guidance as an extended part of your team.

We work with businesses locally and across the country. Request your free consultation online now or call (347) 670-2016 to learn more about how you can leverage technology to handle the financial side of your business.

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